PROTECTION+: Marine Silt Mask

PROTECTION+: Marine Silt Mask


nourish & uplift

Marine sand and mud have been used for generations in the care and repair of the skin, and have shown to help against signs of aging. This firming, nourishing mask will naturally replenish your skin with essential minerals and leave it deeply moisturised.

Skin Type: For all skin types.

Application:  Use once a week. Mix 15g of powder (approx. 2-3 tsp) with 45gof room temperature water (about 20° C). Mix vigorously to form a homogenous paste. Apply to face & neck immediately and leave it for 15 minutes maximum. Within minutes, the mask will rubberise, so work quickly & only mix as much as you need. The mask should peel off easily; use a cotton pad to remove any remaining mask bits with lukewarm water.  Apply “My Concentrate” or ”Camomile Serum” to the face afterward.

Note: If the mask thickens & rubberises too quickly, you may have used water that is too hot.

100 ml

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INCI: Solum Diatomeae; Calcium sulfate hydrate; Algin; Maris limus Extract; Tetrasodium pyrophosphate; Xanthan Gum; Iron Oxide, Citrus limon Peel Oil; Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil; Magnesium Oxide

- Shelf like after opening: 12 months

 - Keep it in a cool dark place

- For external use only

- Made in Netherlands