The effect of alcohol on your skin and tips & tricks

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I want to talk to you about alcohol 🍷 and its effect on your skin. 

A well-known Naturopathic doctor from London and best selling author of 'Reverse the Signs of Ageing' dr. Nigma Talib has ranked alcohol as one of the main causes of skin aging. 

The main problem of drinking alcohol is that it dehydrates your skin, which is known to be the shortest path to aging. 

Dry skin is prone to strong wrinkles. Alcohol destroys collagen, which is responsible for the beauty and elasticity of your skin.  If you drink a lot of alcohol, your skin becomes bumpy, with enlarged pores, a gray tinge and your eyelids begin to hang. Yak!

Alcohol also provokes inflammatory processes, which are reflected in redness, a small red rash in the face, vascular mesh, which first appear on the cheeks and nose. 

Help! What should I do?

Nigma Talib recommends that you stop drinking alcohol. After 21 days the body is cleansed of harmful toxins and begins to bounce back.

After this, you can include alcohol in your diet, but with some precaution:

  • Choose alcohol with minimal sugar content.
  • Never drink two days in a row.
  • During the week there should be at least 5 alcohol-free days.
  • Drink pure water as much as possible. 

Take care of your body and gorgeous skin, but also remember to not always control yourself in everything. Live bright and feel the taste of life. 💋

Victoria Ratmanova